Primary Eyecare Update – 10 April 2020

Proposed Urgent Eye Care Service


10th April


Discussions are ongoing between the national representatives and NHS England regarding an Urgent Eye Care service model utilising optical practices.

Whilst we await the final details of the model/framework being developed, it is important that we are prepared to mobilise any new model (whether this is adapting an existing local service or delivering a new service in an area) at pace in the context of the current COVID 19 outbreak.

At this stage it is unclear how the service will be commissioned, and we will be working closely with yourselves, the LOCs and LOCSU when further information emerges.

However, in the interim, as this service would need to mobilise quickly we are opening the Expression of Interest process for Practices NOW. 

This will enable Primary Eyecare Services to then fully register Practices, should the service be commissioned in their area, and get them up and running and able to deliver ASAP.

NOTE: This is not a guarantee that a service will be commissioned or that it will be delivered via Primary Eyecare Services.

This expression of interest needs to be completed by all Practices that wish to deliver the service, including those that already deliver a MECS/PEARS type service via Primary Eyecare Services currently.

We appreciate all expressions of interest will be caveated with the need for appropriate PPE and remuneration.

To express your interest in delivering this service please click here and complete the online form 

If you have 5 or more practices, you can complete and submit the information by way of completing a dedicated Excel template, in which all fields must be completed in order for the EOI to be accepted. To receive a copy of this template please email us on: and return to the same address once completed.

(Note: due to the Easter Weekend – these Excel templates will be shared with those that request it from Tue 14th April onwards)

Please note the deadline the for initial Expressions of Interest is 19th April 2020.


Telemedicine and PPE Guidance Update


Following feedback from practices delivering Urgent eye care in MECS-type services via Primary Eyecare we have updated the Telemedicine Guidance for virtual consultations.

Click here to read the updated guidance

After revised guidance was published last week with regards to PPE (personal protective equipment) we have updated the information on our website.

We would like to reassure Optical Practices that Primary Eyecare Services is working with local commissioners, Local Optical Committees, and national bodies to source PPE for practices to be able to carry out face to face consultations where absolutely necessary.

We are glad to say we have a number of areas where we have been able to attain this and are in the process of distributing, whilst we continue to make efforts in other areas.


If you have any queries regarding guidance or related to locally commissioned services, please contact your local Clinical Governance and Performance Lead or email us on

We would like to thank all participating optical practices for your ongoing diligence and commitment to patients and the NHS as well as your own teams.