Portsmouth Hospitals Mailboxes – Ophthalmology Department Update

Portsmouth Hospitals Mailboxes – Ophthalmology Department

We are aware there have been some concerns around duplicate mailboxes within the Trust and as a result the Trust has reviewed their processes and confirmed the following:

Urgent referrals: pho-tr.phteyeurgentrefs@nhs.net  –  to be used for urgent referrals (Including Wet AMD) in replacement of the fax machine and inability to access eRS, monitored daily.

Emergency referrals: Emergency cases should be discussed with eye casualty via 023 9228 6162. If following discussion with eye casualty patient data needs to be shared, it should be sent to the above email address (pho-tr.phteyeurgentrefs@nhs.net)  entitled FAO EEC to ensure it is picked up by the correct person.

The following accounts will be closed down with immediate effect:


Ophthalmology@porthosp.nhs.uk  – this is not an encrypted mailbox