Isle of Wight CCG

Practices & Primary Care Networks

Practice Name Town Community Eye Services Phone No
Boots Opticians Newport 01983 524654
Eyeland Optical Newport 01983 529815
Hazel Smith Optical Shanklin 01983 866023
Jacqueline Lamb St Helens 01983 872198
Rutherford Eye Care Newport 01983 524629
Rutherford Eye Care Sandown 01983 407740
Rutherford Eye Care Ventnor 01983 852996
Rutherford Eye Care Freshwater 01983 753532
Ryde Optical and Hearing Centre Ryde 01983 562591
Specsavers Opticians Newport 01983 821280
Specsavers Opticians Ryde 01983 617650
The Medical Eye Centre Newport 01983 522809
Vision Express Newport 01983 522177
Vision Express Ryde 01983 214047
Willetts & Doig Optometrists Cowes 01983 293181


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Integrated Care Partnerships (ICPs) and Primary Care Networks (PCNs)

ICP Name CCG Name PCN Name Practice Names
Isle of Wight NHS Isle of Wight CCG NE Locality PCN Tower House Surgery
The Esplanade Surgery
Argyll House Surgery
East Cowes Medical Centre
St Helen Surgery
Isle of Wight NHS Isle of Wight CCG South Locality (IW) Beech Grove Surgery
Grove House Surgery
Shanklin Medical Centre
Sandown Health Centre
South Wight Medical Practice
Ventnor Medical Central
Isle of Wight NHS Isle of Wight CCG Central West Wight Health Alliance Carisbrooke Health Centre
Cowes Medical Centre
The Dower House Surgery
Wight Primary Partnership LTD

Community Eye Services

Guidance on conditions for which over the counter items should not routinely be prescribed in primary care

NHS England carried out a public consultation on reducing prescribing of over-the-counter medicines for minor, short-term health concerns from December 2017 to March 2018 resulting in guidance for healthcare professionals being published.  Likewise, guidance regarding treatments eligible for NHS prescriptions continues to be updated and can be found on NHS England’s webpage.

NHS England request GPs not to give NHS prescriptions (even to those eligible for ‘free’ prescriptions) for many conditions in the following categories:

  • Conditions which are considered to be self-limitingand so does not need treatment as it will heal of its own accord;
  • Conditions which lends itself to self-care, i.e. that the person suffering does not normally need to seek medical care but may decide to seek help with symptom relief from a local pharmacy and use an over the counter medicine.
  • Vitamins/minerals and probiotics

Conditions (and treatments) affecting patients seen by optometrists include:


Dry Eyes / sore tired eyes

Mild to moderate hayfever

Lutein and Antioxidants

Omega-3 Fatty Acid Compounds

Please familiarize yourself with the following resources in order for you to advise your patients appropriately regarding self-care rather than routinely directing them back to their GP for an NHS prescription.

Anthea Reid
LOC Clinical Lead
January 2020

Hospital Eye Service Contact Details

Eye Department

IOW NHS Primary Care Trust

St Mary’s Hospital

Parkhurst Road


Isle of Wight

PO30 5TG

QA Hospital Portsmouth – Eye Casualty

Tel: 02392 286162

Referral Guidelines

In the event of an eye problem, you should contact your GP in the first instance. If your GP feels that the problem requires further attention they will refer you to the Eye Department here at St Mary’s Hospital. Referrals are graded on a system of urgency. The referral is presented to one of the Doctors who will grade the appointment and request a time limit for that appointment.

Under no circumstances does the eye clinic accept ‘walk-ins’. Patients must be referred either via A&E, the Beacon Centre, an optician, or their GP.

Referrals are graded as follows:

Routine – In keeping with the NHS target of 18 weeks maximum referral to treatment time (NHS 2004)

Urgent – Urgent referrals are graded and will be seen within the time specified by the Doctor

Fast Track

Fast track patients will be seen between 1 and 14 days. Fast track patients include those with;

  • Ocular Tumours
  • Wet age related macular degeneration
  • Retina Detachments

Contact Numbers for use by Optometry Professionals only below

Urgent same day referrals Mon to Fri can be done by phoning eye dept direct line on 01983 534504 or Fax on 01983 534415 to send documentation.

Dr on call is via same number or front desk at St Marys 01983 822099 and ask for Dr on call for Ophthalmology if unsure of urgency or outside normal working hours.

E referrals are to if urgent or if routine. Ask for read receipt on any e referral to confirm action.

At weekends access to A and E or Beacon walk in centre is via 111.

There is no one available in the eye dept at weekends.

Private Patient Referrals:

Patients wishing to be seen privately can be referred by;

  • Asking their GP or Optician to write to the preferred Consultant who will then contact the patient directly.


Private Providers: