General advice

Intervals between sight tests: If you wish to seek clarification the Department of Health issued the following guidance and memorandum of understanding,  Frequency of Sight Tests It is important that the patients notes record any reason for an early recall.

NHS Choices: The NHS Choices system  includes more information about practices, self-editable practice profiles and a new feedback and response facility system for patients. This change is to bring optical contractors into line with the NHS Choices systems that have already been rolled out for NHS hospitals, GPs, dentists and pharmacists  Guidance on NHS Choices prepared by the Optical Confederation will help you.

Referral form/template: Each individual CCG is responsible for their own referral forms please check your local CCG for a copy of the form.

Safeguarding Children: Hampshire, Portsmouth City and Southampton City have issued guidance in the form of a Flow chart to assist independent contractors.

Vision Strategy You may find the RNIB commissioned research into Future Sight Loss of interest. Please click here for access to these documents