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Primary Care Support England 

Primary Care Support England (PCSE) carries out a number of administrative functions for NHS England ,  including the management of the ophthalmic performers’ lists and payments for ophthalmic services.

Performer lists exist to provide the public, the NHS and the clinical professions with an assurance that opticians in NHS primary care are appropriately qualified, experienced and suitable for this work.

If you are an optician, you must be on the national performer list in order to work in NHS primary care. You can be on one list only; this should be the one where you spend the most time working.

PCSE process the performer list applications. Details of this are on their website that can be accessed here.

Details of the  November 2018 PCSE National Engagement Team structure

How to Access the PCSE  Online Enquiry Form

Local contact details are:

Kirsty Adlem

Ophthalmic Engagement Manager
Communications & Engagement Team

Primary Care Support England
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Tel: 07725629686  Email:
Customer Support Centre: 0333 014 2884
Address: Primary Care Support England, PO Box 350, Darlington, DL1 9QN


For queries relating to a particular service, please use our online enquiries form:

NHS England and NHS Improvement – South East Region

Helen Wardle is the key contact at NHS England South East Region  for new contract applications and any variation to the contract ie change of hours, relocation, change of directors, change of partners, contact details etc. Contact Details are:

Telephone 0113 824 9850
Team email for Optical queries