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How to Opt-Out?

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What’s New?

Thu 27 September 18 | Pre-Authorisation of Adult GOS 4 Claims
NHS Business Services Authority (NHSBSA) have been asked by NHS England to run a national pilot for the pre-authorisation of adult GOS 4 vouchers. It is envisaged that this pilot will begin in November 2018. For more information on this important development please see the attached briefing from NHS Business Services Authority.

Mon 17 September 18 | LOC Committee Meetings - Future Dates
All dates for forthcoming LOC Committee meetings are published below. Meetings are 18:15 for an 18:30 start. Meetings are open to all Hampshire LOC members. If you wish to attend please email the Business Manager well in advance of the meeting you wish to attend.
  • 22 Nov 18 – Novotel Southampton
  • 22 Jan 19 – Causeway Business Centre, Petersfield
  • 02 Apr 19 – Novotel Southampton
  • 05 Jun 19 – AGM (venue tbc)
  • 09 Jul 19 – Causeway Business Centre, Petersfield
  • 03 Sep 19 – Novotel Southampton
  • 10 Dec 19 – Causeway Business Centre, Petersfield

Mon 17 September 18 | LOCSU Latest - September Edition
Please click the link below to view LOCSU Latest September edition for your information.  Please feel free to pass on to any colleagues who may be interested. September Newsletter

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